Julie Pierce

International best-selling author and creator of Julona, Whole Vision Coaching, and Whole Woman Fertility — Teaching a unique approach to relationships, fertility, and whole woman health. Dedicated to helping women release struggle, feel great in their bodies, and love the lives they are creating.

I am a life coach, mother and wife. Since 1991, I've been on a mission to cut through the dogma and jargon of the healthcare industry and uncover the foundational principles of self-healing. I believe our ability to heal is directly related to our ability to receive and cultivate within ourselves unconditional love, good nutrition, and a growth mindset. My mission is fueled by experiencing my own health challenges and my studies in biology, psychology, philosophy, coaching, massage and bodywork, breath work, body intelligence, creative grief work, energy healing, success, feminine power, and nutrition.

I teach an easy approach for creating and maintaining vibrancy, so each of us can create the life of our dreams. Working with me can help you identify your deepest longings, release binding personal and cultural judgment, and optimize your body’s ability to generate health from the inside out.



Information, products, and services that make learning about, designing, and implementing a personalized, vibrantly radiant lifestyle easy and universally accessible.