New Book Reveals: The 5 Keys To Unlock Ease On An Unexpectedly Difficult Journey To Motherhood

After all the years spent telling your body not to get pregnant, now you want a baby. Sometimes doctors don’t have satisfying answers or solutions, and dealing with all the decisions can be overwhelming and confusing. Feeling sad, frustrated, broken, and exhausted right now? It doesn’t have to be this way anymore. With this book, you’ll understand:

  • The #1 mistake we make about being ready to have a baby
  • The truth about why it’s still not happening for you
  • How to confidently know what is still possible for you
  • What your body needs most and how to get that

Stop the struggle and return to that beautiful place of confidence and joy you started with.

Check Out What Other People Have To Say About The Book

"I am so impressed with how Julie was able to use her own devastating experience to develop a practical but nurturing perspective that she can share with others struggling with fertility issues. Her book transcends “how to get pregnant” advice, and instead guides women in an exploration of ways that they can work through the debilitating sadness that often comes when women are desperately trying to get pregnant. Her book is filled with grace and compassion for women facing some of the most frustrating, heartbreaking challenges."
- Toni Weschler, MPH

"There is currently so much noise about infertility and what is not possible, and we often lose how personal each story is. In I Still Want to be a Mom, Julie Pierce offers a fresh and unique perspective that may help with the questions, struggles and emotions women have when fertility becomes a challenge."
- Samuel Tong, M.Sc., D.C.

"We are encouraged to see a book like I Still Want To Be A Mom include a full acknowledgment of the role grief can often play in reproduction. That Julie has incorporated creative grief techniques for people to realize a full range of emotion and process on this path is a gift for families seeking this type of support."
- Cath Duncan & Kara Jones,

"Honest, compassionate, readable and transformative…the author courageously shares her journey through infertility to her own rebirth. Both women and men would greatly benefit from reading this powerful expose of real issues around fertility and parenthood. Wise guidance for aligning heart, mind and body in the journey to parenthood."
- Dr. Susan M. Engman, Psychologist

"Reading this book provides great clarity into the journey of infertility. Julie's insight is incredibly honest, thoughtful, and reaches the reader on a personal level. This book reminded me of my own experience working with Julie which helped me find a road back to hope, acceptance, and joy."
- Laura Colic, happy mom and client

"This is the book to read as you navigate your way on the road of fertility. Julie’s own challenges through this process makes her an excellent guide because she’s been there! She will lovingly connect you back to your heart’s desire while empowering you to focus on you as a whole person because it’s more than just eggs, uterus and sperm. Let her guidance light the way for you."
- Jackie Foskett, Hypnotherapist, Stress Relief Specialist
Author of The Stress Relief Toolbox: For Women Who Take Care of Everyone But Themselves