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Gratitude from past clients

"Thank you so much for the emails and the support I got from you. I’m now happy to say I’m expecting …. Thank you and good luck to all the other ladies trying out there."
~Tshepo K.

"I feel like you are the only one that knows and understands what I’m going through."
~Jamie S.

"When we first starting working together, I thought we would just be focusing on ... how to get pregnant. We worked on everything, and now I understand that fertility is related to everything. I am so happy to have my baby finally and for the skills that I have developed through our work together. Thank you."
~Laura C.

Another perspective on working together

When my husband and I first met with you, our biggest struggle was getting on the same page. With you, we were able to open up and share in a mutually supportive way, listening well, etc. We were frustrated by not knowing what to do next. Too many options and all of them crappy. I gained better insight about where my husband was emotionally, including topics not immediately related to makin’ babies. I appreciated this chance to see him really show himself in a way that doesn’t come up much when we’re just living life. I appreciated your insights and practical suggestions for having a better life together with more enjoyment. There’s less “hurry up and do IVF” like earlier this year. I’m very happy we sat down as a couple with you and I’m happy I got to see and hear from my husband in a way that rarely happens otherwise.
[excerpts from an email from Alison M., edited for privacy and brevity]

I'm Just Interested In the Book Right Now

Your time is now. If you're asking, "When will this ever happen?" as the months keep flipping by, it's time to take a bold step ...

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